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Hello Taoist friends!

We just survived Hurricane Ian. We have extensive damage to our home and office and we are currently dealing with the massive amounts of time, insurance claims and scheudling of workers required to return to "normal" as soon as possible while dealing with intermittant and unreliable internet and phone service. The best way to reach us for any questions is Nicole's business cell: call or text 941-661-9113. Internet is very unreliable so we will be disabling the cart temporarily until we are in a position to process orders again.
To all our Taoist friends who have reached out to us to make sure we are OK, we are grateful by your concern and support. We hope to be getting back to the business of Taoism soon! We regret our replies are not timely, but when we have internet, insurance claims and recovery are the priority and must be dealt with first. Thank you for understanding!
PS - For my acupuncture colleagues, we will be starting our first popup clinic Oct. 21-22 to give free acupuncture and ear seed treatments to the public. We hope to do this at least once a month for the next several months. If you have time or supplies to donate, please text the number above.
With gratitude, Nicole and Chris

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The Empty Vessel magazine is the only print journal of Taoist
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to the exploration and dissemination of Taoist Philosophy and
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information combing contemporary and traditional teachings to
our readers who follow Taoism.

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