Past editions of the Empty Vessel

  • Winter 2020: Year of the Metal Ox, Commentary on Chapter 2 Dao De Ching, Cultivate Qi with Benebell Wen, Eating for Longevity, Uncarving the Block.

  • Fall 2020: Primordial Chaos Standing Meditation, On Waking Up, Training the Horse Mind, Commentary on Chapter One of the Do De Ching, Fend Shui to Reduce Anxiety

  • Summer 2020: Feng Shui For Harmonious Living, The Tao of Music: Shakuhachi, The Eight Extraordinary Vessels Part 2, Past the Temple Walls

  • Spring 2020 Special Issue: The Tao of Health: Clear Marrow, Daoist Bigu and the Science of Fasting, The Eight Extraordinary Vessels Part 1, Daoist Magical Healing Tradition

  • Winter 2019: Chinese New Year of the Rat, Cha Dao: The Way of Tea, Grasping the Dao of Chinese Bodywork (Tuina), Reflections on Emptiness and Form 

  • Fall 2019: Manuals for Lively Inspiration, Qigong: A journey, What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

  • Summer 2019: American Dragon Gate Lineage, The Qi of Paper and Ink, The Dao of Congee, Tao Of Walloo, Poetry Corner debut

  • Winter 2018 / Spring 2019:
    I Ching and the 8 Immortals, A Curious Opportunity, An Introduction to NSEV lineage, Balance With a Brush, Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig, Microcosmic Core Circulation, Empty Vessel China Tour 2018 recap

  • Fall 2018: History and Origins of American Dragon Gate Lineage, On the Shoulders of Giants, Harmony of Herbs: Bidens Alba, Working Consciously and Living Spiritually

  • Summer 2018: Lessons of the Dao, The Spirit of Intention, Like Flower Unfolding

  • Spring 2018: Thoughts For Spring, Spiritual Individualism in China, Qigong Mysteries, The Tao of Now

  • Winter 2018: Winter Cultivation, Earth Dog Year, Jiaye the Taoist Caveman, Quantum Qi, A Journey to China and Tibet

  • Fall 2017: Entering the Tao: Some Important Benefits from Consistent Practice of T’ai-Chi Chuan, Qigong,  & Meditation; Sharing Taiji Qigong with Recovering Addicts; A Teacher of Natural Spiritual Truth: Empty Vessel Interview with 
    Hua-Ching Ni; Internal Elixir Meditation: Basic Breathing Methods; Value of Worthlessness and The Wisdom of Foolishness

  • Summer 2017: SOLD OUT!

  • Spring 2017: Immortal Sisters Conference, Healing Chronic Pain with Tai Chi, Attaining Spiritual Fortitude

  • Winter 2017: Fire Phoenix Year, Illness as a Form of Communication, Origin of Daoist Religion, The Heshang Gong Commentary on Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, The Shaman and the Taoist
  • Fall 2016: Supporting the Kidneys: Treasure House of Jing, Chi Nei Tsang: Cosmology and the Wheel of Life, Secrets of the Tao Te Ching, Reinventing the Wheel: A Top Down Perspective on the Five Elements

  • Summer 2016: Chuang Tzu: The Inner Chapters The Way of Essential Virtue, Interview with Daoist Priest Wu Dang Chen, Dao Yin: The Mystery of Health

  • Spring 2016: SOLD OUT!

  • Winter 2016: 2016 Fire Monkey Year, Shape Your Destiny, Interview with 
    Lonny Jarrett, The Five Shen

  • Fall 2015: Internal Elixir Cultivation, The Watercourse Way, The Mind Inside Tai Chi, Rediscovering the Roots of Chinese Thought

  • Summer 2015: Five Fold Essence of Tea, The Story of the Tao Te Ching, Functions of Essence, Breath and Spirit, Interview with Master Yang Hai

    Spring 2015: Being Daoist, The Way of Wu Wei, Riding the Phoenix to Peng Lai, Daoism in the West, A Conversation Between a Taoist and A Buddhist

  • Winter 2015: SOLD OUT!

  • Fall 2014: Broadening Our Views of Reality, Refining Breath to Transmute It Into Spirit, SPECIAL TEA ISSUE: Alchemy of Awareness in tea, The Last Cup: The Ten Lost Tea-Brewing Pictures, The Way of Tea. $8

  • Summer 2014: The Poetry of Passion, The Daoist Arts of Wudang Mountain, Zhuangzi’s Perfect Happiness in the Light of Contemporary Western Psychology

  • Spring 2014: Ren Tian Zhi Dao: The Way of Man and Nature, Interview with Dr. Bernard Shannon, True Spiritual Help

  • Winter 2014: Year of the Wood Horse, Nei Dan Sitting Meditation, Dance of the Five Moving Forces

  • Fall 2013: The Watercourse Way, Tea Time With Old Po, Women’s Powers in Popular Daoism

  • Summer 2013: SOLD OUT!

  • Spring 2013: Food Cures and Diets, The Spiritual Warrior, Daoist Nature Meditation

  • Winter 2013: Year of the Water Snake, Art and Practice of Tai Chi, Lao Zi – The Hidden Dragon, Taoist Sexual Meditation

  • Fall 2012: Big Dipper Meditation, The Dragon Turtle, Eliminating Pitfalls in Qigong Practice, Feng Shui Guidelines to Energy Flow Analysis, Embracing the One: Daoist Meditation

    Summer 2012: The Three Treasures and the Golden Embryo; Shen, Hun and Po in Chinese Medicine, Dimensional learning Perspective

  • Spring 2012: Free and Easy Wandering: A Western Daoist Manifesto, The Tai Chi Sword and Spiritual Swordsmanship, Stress, Illness & the Daoist Antidote, Introduction To classical Feng Shui

  • Winter 2012: Year of the Water Dragon, Immortality and the 14 words of Lao Zi, The Tao of Joy Every Day, The World of Chinese Medicine, Qi Medicine and the Purpose of Cultivation – an interview with Master Zhongxian Wu

  • Fall 2011: SOLD OUT!

  • Summer 2011: SOLD OUT!

  • Spring 2011: Daoism in America: A Conversation with Xuan Yun (Mysterious Cloud), Return to Stillness is the Motion of Tao, Put the Heart Back Into Love, SPECIAL SECTION: BiGu – Avoiding Food and Eating Qi, Lao Tzu’s Journey

  • Winter 2011: Chinese Astrology and Inner Cultivation; Wu Wei: The Daoist Art of Happiness; Taoists, Doctors and Shamans – Part 2; Yi: Practice and Incubation of the Sage; A Taoist Master’s Search for His Chinese Ancestry – Part 4 

  • Fall 2010: Chuang Tzu: The Way of Nourishing Life; Nudan Practice and the Modern Woman; Taoists, Doctors and Shamans – Part 1; Nourishing Woman; A Taoist Master’s Search For His Chinese Ancestry Part 3 SOLD OUT!

  • Summer 2010: Bagua: Why Practice This Old and Obscure Art?, Mystical Wudang Mountains, Guidelines for Setting Up A Daoist Altar, A Taoist Master’s Search for His Chinese Ancestry Part 1

  • Spring 2010: SOLD OUT!

  • Winter 2010: A Taoist Master’s Search For His Chinese Ancestry Part 2, Daosim in the Korean Mountains, The Daoist System of Laozi

  • Fall 2009: SOLD OUT!

  • Summer 2009: SOLD OUT!

  • Spring 2009: SOLD OUT!

  • Winter 2009: Dao at the Beach, Searching For Dao in Daily Life, Returning to the Essence through Shamanic Qi Gong and Sacred Sound Healing, The Spirit of Tea, Reclaiming Your Power Through New Beginnings

  • Fall 2008: Return to Wu Yi Mountain with Chung Liang Ai Huang, the Chinese Way of the Sword, Experiential Primal Wilderness Daoism, Chicken Soup for Daoist Alchemy, Sexual Qigong

  • Summer 2008: Preparing for Summer, the Secret Training of Daoist Magical Incantations, the Spirit of Renewal
    Winter 2008: Year of the Rat, Qigong 
    Fever  — Body, Science and Utopia in China, The Natural State, Hunyang Qigong, The Man Who Knew Too Much

  • Summer 2007: Coming Home to the
    Self, Lu Yu Meets a True Tea Master, Discovering the I Ching, Shen, The 
    Celestial Storehouse, The Spirit of YiJing

  • Fall 1993 PREMIER ISSUE: Teacher of Natural Spiritual Truth: An Interview with Hua Ching-Ni, The New Global Direction, The Value of Worthlessness, The Essence of Qi-Gong: AN Interview with Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Soaring Cran Qi Gong, Drawing Power From Nature, Book Reviews. $18.88